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Library Development

At the core of any successful PCB layout are the component libraries. Recognizing the importance of accurate library elements to the overall success of a project, K2 Engineering has developed a tried and proven library development process with a dedicated staff of CAD/CAE librarians. K2 Engineering currently maintains the complete CAD libraries for over 50 of its customers.

Schematic Symbol Generation

  • Cadence Concept HDL
  • OrCAD Schematic Capture (CIS)
  • Mentor Graphics DxDesigner

CAD Symbol Generation

  • Cadence Symbols
  • Mentor Graphics PADS Decals  
  • OrCAD PCB Footprints  

Over the past 20 years, K2 Engineering has continuously improved its vast library of CAD symbols. These tried and proven libraries can serve as the cornerstone of any new design, or we can use the customer's existing libraries. All of the K2 Engineering symbols contain the following data:

  • X, Y, & Z Axis Component Heights
  • Special Soldermask/Solder Paste Requirements
  • Via Plugging Information
  • Route/Via/Package Keepouts
  • ICT Probe/Selective Wave Solder Keepouts
  • Constraint Areas
  • Assembly Details