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Signal Integrity

A View of Signal Integrity

At K2 Engineering, we recognize our core competency as being PCB layout. Signal integrity (SI) covers a wide range of topics. Through strategic relationships, K2 Engineering is able to offer a wide range of software packages from the leaders in the industry for pre- and post-design verification. Rules and constraints are always built directly into the design database to ensure first-pass success. We can interface with your SI engineer, or feel free to contact us about the services we provide to meet your individual needs.

Signal Integrity Services

  • Chip-to-chip and Board-to-Board Simulation
  • Printed Circuit Board Stackup Design
  • System-Level Performance Evaluation of Connectors
  • Complete Design Review in the Form of Architectural/Hardware Design Specification Review, Schematic Review, Layout Review, and Hardware Verification/Test Review
  • Simulation/Analysis for Signal Integrity, Timing, and EMI; Layout Rule Generation and Guidance Provided Based on Results
  • Lab Debug and Problem-Solving
  • Turnkey Design (Backplane, Midplanes, Etc.) 
  • New Silicon Device Performance Characterization
  • General System Robustness and Reliability Analysis

Signal Integrity Software

  • XTK, HyperLynx
  • ModelSim Functional Verification
  • HyperLynx Line/Board Simulation  
  • VCS Functional Simulation
  • Xilinx Foundation